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Torrent upload

You can upload files with an integrated torrent-client. You can select only files which you need

Video templates

We have prepared a very friendly video converter for you and have crafted the best quality presets.

Multiple video formats

A source video file can be converted into multiple formats effortlessly. A couple of mouse clicks and you are done!


Your files will not wait in queue, they are converted by a powerfull processing cluster with modern CPUs.


Streaming clusters meet all requirements to broadcast video for the web, mobile, and other devices (orbitrek?)


Smart content delivery system quickly and easily delivers your content and reduces your costs 4 (!) times


If you are reading this, you are curious - who invented, created, supports and develops this system.

Our company

The Tubergator project is subsidiary of a big hosting provider CoolVDS

The project has been developed and deployed by developers of Quick Technology Company with engineers of CoolVDS

Using the most modern tools and technologies we have created our excellent product - the Tubergator project, which has become a reliable and stable partner for our clients' projects


Please pay attention that our prices can be fitted right for your budget and requirements

  • Starter
  • $4 per 1 TB bandwidth
  • $40/мес per 1 TB storage
  • < 300 Тб bandwidth
  • Star NOW!
  • Base
  • $2.5 per 1 TB bandwidth
  • $30/мес per 1 TB storage
  • < 1000 Тб bandwidth
  • Star NOW!
  • PRO
  • $1.5 per 1 TB bandwidth
  • $20/мес per 1 TB storage
  • > 1000 Тб bandwidth
  • Star NOW!


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